Postdoc Level

Some interesting opportunities for talented researchers wishing to pursue postdoctoral studies in Leiden is the 3-year Oort Fellowship (deadline: January 5, 2020), Marie-Curie reintegration grants, or a prestigious 3-year Veni Grant (deadline: January 1, 2020) with a 250,000-Euro research allowance.  I am happy to collaborate with participants in drafting a proposal to pursue studies in Leiden and exploit the many opportunities available here.

Graduate level

Talented MSc students are also invited to apply for a Leiden/Huygens Fellowship in Leiden to pursue a PhD project together (deadline: January 15, 2017).

Undergraduate level


Phone: (+31)-71-527-8456

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Rychard J. Bouwens
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Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden

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Rychard J. Bouwens
Sterrewacht Leiden – Universiteit Leiden
P.O. Box 9513
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The Netherlands

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