Postdoc Level

Thanks to the success of a NWO Top Grant Proposal led by Ivo Labbe, Jarle Brinchmann, and myself, there were openings for up to three three-year postdoctoral positions in my/our research group starting in the Fall 2017 / Spring 2018.    The successful applicant will join our team and pursue observational studies of galaxy build-up in the high redshift universe z>=2, exploiting new HST, Spitzer/IRAC, ALMA, and MUSE observations over the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the five CANDELS fields, and the wider-area data sets over the 1-degree COSMOS field.   The planned scientific endeavors keys on the exploitation of new spectroscopic data from the MUSE GTO program, new Spitzer/IRAC data from two large programs, and an ALMA large program over the HUDF (ASPECS).

Other significant opportunities for talented researchers wishing to pursue postdoctoral studies in Leiden is the 3-year Oort Fellowship (deadline: December 15, 2016), Marie-Curie reintegration grants, or a prestigious 3-year Veni Grant (deadline: January 10, 2017) with a 250,000-Euro research allowance.  I am happy to collaborate with participants in drafting a proposal to pursue studies in Leiden and exploit the many opportunities available here.

Graduate level

There is an opening for up to one PhD position pursuing observational studies of galaxies in the distant universe using the latest ALMA, HST, Spitzer/IRAC, and spectroscopic data with MUSE.

Talented MSc students are also invited to apply for a Leiden/Huygens Fellowship in Leiden to pursue a PhD project together (deadline: January 15, 2017).

Applications for either PhD position can be submitted here.

Undergraduate level


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